Unlike other companies that come in on the day of your recital and setup to shoot, we come in with a different approach: Preparation.

For all new customers, we will come to your venue on the day of your rehearsal and do our setup then. We will work with your audio tech so that we are hooked up to the house system to ensure you get the best possible sound. Here, we’ll assess your stage mike needs so we can pick up the tap sound during a tap number, as well as any clapping or singing that you may have in your production. (Please see our tap demo to hear the clarity. Just click the media player icon in the lower left corner.) We use this mike to pick up audience applause as well. We do all of our technical setup during this time in order to have no mishaps the day of your recital. All choreography is unique and we make every effort to ensure our cameras will capture every move that’s made on stage.

When it comes to your event, your artwork will generally be the cover of your program from the recital. If you did not wish to use your program cover as your DVD cover, we can substitute it with a graphic that is relative to your recital theme. As with all of our covers, all of your dance numbers will be listed on the back of the DVD. We’ll also include your school logo on the cover art work as well if you wish.

At Sico Productions, the final packaging is just as important as what is on the inside. We only use the highest quality materials for our products. We use full size DVD cases, the same cases you would find on the shelf for any Hollywood release. The DVDs we use are of the highest quality for playback compatability. Our dvd’s are guaranteed. If they stop working for any reason we will provide a replacement dvd at no charge to the customer.